Projects and Services

In the Spring of 2008, we created committees. The Education Committee was designed to help raise awareness about street children and orphans, and the other committees were designed with the needs of partner organizations in mind.

Education Committee

This committee was responsible for identifying high quality, recent publications and documentaries, and developing a reference of these to share with you on this site. From this research the committee created answers to frequently asked questions about street children, and orphans. They also identified organizations (UN based, and non-governmental organizations-NGOs) and key authors who are working to help global orphans and street children. For further information please visit our page on education.

Fund-raising committee

This committee was responsible for raising programmatic support for selected organizations that are providing direct services to target children. Local organizations partnered with us to put on fundraisers, including Jimmie John's Gourmet Sandwiches and The Bead Parlor. Please visit our page on fundraisers for more information.

English Language Committees

Teams of students created original, basic DVD clips to reinforce English language learning among target children. Groups were responsible for writing a script, filming, editing, and producing their DVDs. Initial topics were: sports, numbers, the alphabet, table setting, opposites, and animals. Once we do a few modifications, these DVDs will be available for organizations serving street children and orphans. These DVDs were an original idea from Project Uere in Brazil and will be used to help reinforce their English language program. Please visit our English Language Video Clips page for more information.

Copyright Permission Committee

Committee members were responsible for familiarizing themselves with Gilbert Mulamba’s documentary The Street Children of Kinshasha (focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo) and the fair use and free speech resources available on American University’s Center for Social Media web site. They used the fair use information to assist Gilbert by helping to determine which photos and clips required owner permissions and which could be used under fair use regulations. For more information please visit our page on Mulamba's documentary, The Street Chidren of Kinshasha.


Candy Bar Sale

Candy Bar Sale at ISU on May 1, 2008


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