Useful References

Reports available via the Internet about street children and orphans

UNICEF report: The State of the World’s Children 2006: Excluded and Invisible

UNICEF report: Africa’s Orphaned and Vulnerable Generations: Children Affected by AIDS (2006)

UNICEF report: Africa’s Orphaned Generations (2003)

The next two reports come from the New Internationalist, which is a not-for-profit cooperative magazine, accessible on-line.

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Ladies First:  Handbook: Rwanda’s Challenges (see Part II on AIDS and Orphans), PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) Wide Angle episode, 7/22/04

Street Children informational web site compiled by University of Massachusetts Emeritus Professor Martin Pratt

"Living on the Streets" (World Press article about street children in Sudan, 10/1/06)

Report by Tharp-Taylor, S. (2003). The effects of early social deprivation on children reared in foreign orphanages.

Wikipedia entry about street children

Books and Academic Journal Articles about street children and orphans

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Documentaries about orphans and street children

(Note: Content may be disturbing.)


Children Underground

Invisible Children

Bus 174

Born into Brothels

Warrior of Light

The Lost Boys of Sudan

The Street Children of Kinshasa

Watoto wa Mitaani: Children of the Streets

Emmanuel Jal: War Child

War Dance

ABC Africa

Feature films about orphans and street children

Slumdog Millionaire

Turtles Can Fly


Salaam Bombay

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