Learn about Orphans and Street Children

A big part of what we do is to raise awareness. If we don't know about orphans and street children, we won't be motivated to reach out to them. In the spring of 2008, students from two sections of ISU's Marriage and Family sociology classes helped to put together some information for those interested in learning more.

One job of our Education committees was to create and answer Frequently Asked Questions about these children.

Another task was to identify quality reports available via the internet, and current academic articles and books about these children.

The Education Committees also identified organizations that are trying to help street children and orphans.


Graduate students who were enrolled in Maria Schmeeckle's seminar, Children in Global Perspective, in the fall of 2008 were given the option to create learning modules on topics related to street children and orphans. Several students chose this option. Click here to see the learning modules.


Taken by Maria Schmeeckle in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2007


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