Wish List

Global Children Outreach is committed to using all of the money raised from fundraisers to donate to organizations that are working to directly help street children and orphans, or as seed money for this goal. We do not wish to use any fundraising money for our own supplies and equipment. We are hoping that our supporters might help us to obtain some of the supplies we need to do our work. Below, we list some of those supplies, and their approximate costs.

Equipment and Services

Cash box with lock ($30)

Printing Services for stationery, promotional, and awareness-raising materials ($200-$300)

Gift Card for Office Supplies (any amount appreciated)

Seed money for fundraising (any amount appreciated)

Financial assistance that we can share with highlighted organizations

Send donations to:

Global Children Outreach
Illinois State University Foundation #5261
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Schroeder Hall 332 (Campus Box 4660)
Normal, IL 61790

Please make any checks out to ISU Foundation # 5261.

Global Children Outreach Logo

Dylan Simonds from ISU's Design Streak class designed our logo!

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